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"Veronika is a gem. Her classes are both fun & challenging and I know I will always get a PHENOMENAL workout. She is so warm & inviting it’s impossible not to finish her class in a better mood than you started. Highly recommend checking out her classes!"


A great way to start my day. Veronika is so affirming, I didn’t feel the need to do anything my body couldn’t handle but she also made me feel like I was ready for the challenge. Thank you Veronika!


Veronika is an absolutely incredible instructor. She makes you feel comfortable and welcome in her classes and ensures that you are in correct postures through the entire experience. I highly recommend flowing with her anytime you get the chance!

- Brooke

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I will guide you through 45-60 minutes of Vinyasa. Every practice begins with gentle movement and centering breath-work. Great for resetting what you need, releasing what you don’t, and giving yourself the space to be present. My class is full of opportunities to relish in the practice, challenge yourself, and maybe surprising yourself along the way!

Yoga is an excellent source of bodily energy, healing, and peace. 

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