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A plant-based take on a hearty classic, this deconstructed Shepherd’s Pie is layered with snappy vegetables, savory lentils, and the creamiest mashed potatoes to top!

Shepherd’s Plate

This spiced plate of YUM is packed with the essentials: Fiber, Vitamin B9, Iron, Potassium + Vitamin C… And you can barely even taste the root veg– it’s just THAT good!
#HeartHealth #BloodHealth

Rainbow Fried Rice

Try this Beet + Carrot blend smoothie packed with nutrients hand-selected to enrich your blood. Great for people who suffer from poor circulation, painful menstrual cramps, anemia, cold hands + toes and more!

Happy Vampire Smoothie

A mouthwatering plant-take on a savory + herb-full classic, these meatballs defy the Vegan Laws of Yum. Enjoy solo or as a side dish to some delicious greens + grains, this recipe will be the star to steal the show!

Saucy Swedish Meatballs

Enjoy this Moringa + Fenugreek infused hair butter, whipped to perfection + carefully curated to promote healthy hair growth!

Hair Growth Butter

Nice + easy Garlic-y Goodness on a plate! Stuffed with dark greens + nut protein, this heart healthy vegan dish will become a fast favorite for all ages!

Broccoli in Cashew Garlic Sauce

A super simple from-scratch loaf perfect for the harvest-y season. This bread is cinnamon sweet, yet also classically light and fluffy. Enjoy a slice with a spread, some tea, but especially good company!

Apple Cinna-Swirl Bread

A vegan, unprocessed take on the traditional creamy Italian Ricotta! More than a dip, this plant-based “cheese” seamlessly replaces it’s dairy twin, making it great for Lasagna, Stuffed Shells, or your new favorite topping at Pizza night!

Vegan Ricotta

A deliciously vegan take on savory/sweet/tangy meat(less) perfection! Can be paired with rice pasta, or pop them solo for a yummy snack breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Korean Meatballs

This tofu scramble is my go-to when I am craving something savory, quick and SO tasty for breakfast in the mornings. You can either eat it as a breakfast burrito like me, or as is traditional scrambled egg style.

Tofu Scramble

I hold my childlike imagination very close to my heart, and it’s caused me to make science experiments for a living, just as I did for fun with anything I could get my hands on in my kitchen growing up. Only now, instead of Dawn detergents and Hershey’s cocoa powder, it’s butters and essential oils. It’s what lead to Sukha Seat, and to my mom finally trying my creations!

I am a lover of all arts, a try-er of all crafts, and a believer of all things.


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