Aside from baking and candlestick-making, I’m usually watching psychological thrillers— and the Housewives, but what’s really the difference there—, stretching out on a yoga mat, or reading a book. And eating, as I am the biggest foodie in the Bronx! I’ve been vegetarian for almost 6 years. It was a choice I made based off one too many food industry documentaries, and kept up because of the numerous health benefits it has brought to my life. I love my sleep, my skin, and my digestion, and all have improved on a plant based life. The meals I upload to Sukha Spoon are as rich with natural genuine goodness as with all of my products; I think our spaces (houses, bodies, world, etc.) should always include natural and genuinely good things.

Get inside my head a little...

My most favorite thing of all is meeting new people. I grew up shy, an only child who’d prefer to play make believe in her head than socialize with the other pre-K kiddos. It was only until my mom placed me in after-school acting classes that I started to enjoy shining. Once that was awakened in me, I realized how amazing it felt to be Me, at a noticeable volume, for the world to see and interact with. I’m fascinated by people— by what motivates us, what makes us feel good, what brings us happiness. I explore that within myself constantly; a practice that really comes to fruition while making harmonious goods and flows for others to enjoy. Sukha Seat is my joy, my fun time, and my duty to the humans I enjoy so much.

be YOU at a noticeable volume

1. I won the superlative "Nicest to Know" in High School.

2. I am a former Soulcycle instructor

3. My favorite scent is Lavender, but also make it masculine musky.

4. My Zodiac is a Cancer sun, but Virgo moon + rising, HELP ME!

5. My dream destination is Kyoto Japan

6. Born + raised New Yorker

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random facts that make me, ME



It’s thought that the first yoga pose created was Sukhasana, or sweet seat or posture— it’s where you sit cross-legged, arms resting on your thighs or perhaps in a prayer mudra (arm pose). I often go into Sukhasana while brainstorming ideas, planning out a goal, or to get into a meditative state. The easy sweetness of this pose resonates with me deeply as I’ve always been an open minded kind spirit. To practice Sukhasana is to find stillness when life’s turning you upside down, to find harmony in the disruption, and to gain loving comfort inside of yourself.

I’ll never forget playing middle school basketball and hearing my coach scream, “Veronika! GET AGGRESSIVE!!!” I loved playing, I loved being on a team, but stern, bellicose, aggressive? I am not. It’s a character trait (or lack there of) that’s echoed throughout the years as I navigate the sticky stuff of Life, finding my own voice, and being independent. The truth is, you don’t need to be aggressive like ‘them’ to get what you’re working so hard for. There’s a very special strength to being a sweetheart, to being different from the competition, to being your own type of determined and dedicated being— and Sukhasana helps reinforce that for me every day. It’s true to me, and therefore easy as honey for me to share with you all!

In Sanskrit "Sukha" Means...





Sukha is my growth and my unwavering superpower.